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Chock-Full of Goodies

This catalog has "evolved" over the coarse of five years. We've seen what people want in a shopping experience and give it to them. You will be hard-pressed to find another shopping cart solution with the features that we offer in ours.

Here's a list of features we proudly put up for your inspection:

  • Two separate searches. One "Quick" search on every page, and an "Advanced Search" page that allows you to search on specific items/fields in the database.

  • Multiple levels of pricing. Each and every item in the database can have a different volume pricing level.

  • Inventory notification. You have the option of placing an inventory database in the catalog and if an item is at zero, the visitor will be notified and presented with an inventory notification page which will allow him to be automatically notified when that inventory item is above zero.

  • Order history. This allows visitors to check all of the past orders that they have placed with your store.

  • Featured item by category. Each time a category is chosen to search on a different product in that category will be displayed.

  • Tell A Friend. Allows a visitor to send an email to a friend containing a link to a specific product in the catalog.

  • Related Items. When a visitor adds a product to their basket that has a "related" product attached to it, the basket displays "May we also suggest:" along with the product's name. That should get some extra sales.

  • A "Print Version" page. A page that is printer friendly. Meaning that there is nothing on the page except the Company Logo and full product description. It's like a data sheet for every product in your catalog.

  • Save Carts / Recurring Orders. Allows a visitor to save carts or later use. Recurring orders allows a visitor to set up carts that they purchase often, saving time and errors.

Ready to be blown-away? See for yourself what $2500 buys today.

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