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Web Page Design

It's been said that the World Wide Web is the "Yellow Pages for the World". With the continued popularity of the Internet as a place to find information, more and more companies are planning new web sites or re-designing their exsisting ones.

At RIBS, we have nearly 6 years experience designing web sites, and have all the tools necessary to "Create A Page In History" for your company. We know, for instance, that "Content Is King", and that images should be small so they load quickly and do not detract from the content of the page. Easy navigation is a key to allow your visitors to quickly see other parts of the web site without having to think about what they should do next.

We work closely with our clients to determine what type of web site would be appropriate for their company.

Typical design process:

Overall design
The look and feel of your web site is important, so we take extra care to design it so that it fits in with your company's image, products, your customers, and your company's attitude. We consider what your company's primary colors are, whether or not you have a product brochure, what types of advertising you have done in the past.

After we have an idea of what will work for your company, we design a "template" page that will serve as the basis for your entire web site. We actually place your "template" on our server so you can see what the web site design will look like on your browser. This gives you an opportunity to get opinions from others in your company. As we progress with the web site, the entire site is placed on our server so that you can see it as it develops.

The initial design process can take a several days depending on the requirements of your site and will cost in the neighborhood of $200 to $500.

Logo design
Often when a company decides to have a web presence, they want to change their logo. This generally consists of new design, colors and look. We charge between $300 to $500 for a new logo design. However, if you want to use one of our outside graphic arts companies, the fee could be higher.

Individual web pages
After we have completed the above steps, we then start programming the remainder of your web site with a flat fee of $75 per page.

Follow on support
Change is the inevitable, so your web site needs to reflect the changes in your company. For on-going web site changes, we charge a flat rate of $60 per hour.

Content is king
You will hear this a lot from us. We can't create content for your company, so you are charged with the task of providing content for your site. This will be the most difficult task of the entire web site. Content that is meaningful and to the point takes a lot of thought and planning.

A Site Overnight

Many of our clients know they need to have a WWW presence but don't know where to start. We just made it easy for you !

PageProvider has created a complete 5 page web site that is just waiting for your company's Logo, Product/Service Info, and Content. Provide us with as much content as you need to get your marketing message across to visitors and we'll do the rest.

All this for only $200.

Typical Virtual Hosting Fees are:

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Up to 5 web pages
  • All web site design
  • All HTML programming
  • All graphics work
  • 1 email account
  • $24.95 / mo.

Visit the Quick Start Web Site to get some ideas on how we Can Build One For You.

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